Кисти для Фотошопа — Ресницы

От­лич­ная под­бор­ка кис­тей, ко­то­рая вклю­ча­ет в се­бя ка­чест­вен­ные кис­ти для Фо­то­шо­па — Рес­ни­цы для ва­ше­го ма­ки­я­жа.
Формат ABR Размер 4.78 Mb

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Set of abstract brushes

Set of abstract brushes
ABR | RAR 72.3 MB

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Abstract lines brushes - 2

Abstract lines brushes - 2
20 ABR | 12.2 MB

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Blood brushes for photoshop

Blood brushes for photoshop
ABR | 71.3 MB

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Abstract lines brushes

Abstract lines brushes
14 ABR | 11.8 MB

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Fast Grit Texture Brush Set

Fast Grit Texture Brush Set

Like a 3AM drive-thru, our fast grit brushes will satisfy your hunger in a snap. They're fast, they're fun, they're cheap and they'll leave you with a greasy feeling that'll linger for days. Custom made from real world paper, ink, paint, toner and vintage print samples, these brushes will have you texturing your work in seconds. Use single brushes to create subtle overlays and heavy grunge in moments or combine multiple brushes to create custom combos. This set is as close to an all in one texture kit as you'll find. Included in this set: 6 x Dirty Brushes | 6 x Dirty Detail Brushes for adding grungy accents | 6 x Grainy Brushes | 3 x Grain Builder Brushes for building custom paper grain textures | 3 x Speckle Brushes | 8 x Halftone Stamp Brushes | 7 x Toner Grit Brushes including bold accents and blemishes | 8 x Worn Texture Brushes with subtle and bold options. Key features include: SuperSize Included! Up to 5000 px resolution | Huge variety of textures, from light and subtle, to heavy and bold. | Create wear, tear, dirty blemishes or graininess in seconds. | Designed for point and click use. | No hard edges or obvious seams making it easy to repeat brushes without visible joins. | Plus, easy to follow instructions and guides including: | Comprehensive quick-start installation guide. | General tips and tricks. | A printable cheat sheet booklet with interactive guides and suggestions for each brush group.

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Скачать кисти для фотошопа

Кисти Пинстрайпинг для фотошопа от Рона Дэвинея. Пинстрайпинг (англ. Pinstriping) - это техника рисования, которая позволяет с помощью тонких прямых и закрученных линий создавать различные геометрические узоры. Нам же ничего создавать не нужно, уже все представлено в готовом виде.

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 Rips - Adapt to any surface metal to flesh

Разрывы, дыры, трещины для фотошопа от Рона Дэвинея.

Теги: разрывы, Rips, фотошоп, трещины. кисти, Дыры
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 Rons Deviney - Scratches

Царапины - кисти для фотошопа от Рона Дэвинея.

Теги: Дизайн, фотошоп, Scratches, кисти, Графика, Царапины
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