Mathworks Matlab 2014b ( (Mac OS X) (20/11/14)

Mathworks Matlab 2014b ( (Mac OS X) (20/11/14)

Mathworks Matlab 2014b ( (Mac OS X) | 7.2 GB
Language: English

Programming language for engineering and mathematical calculations. An extensive library of functions makes it easy to work (in particular a graphical display of data)

MATLAB - a high-level technical computing language, interactive environment for algorithm development and modern tools of data analysis. MATLAB compared with traditional programming languages (C / C ++, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) allows an order to reduce the time solution of typical problems and simplifies the development of new algorithms. MATLAB is the foundation of the entire product family MathWorks is the main tool for solving a wide range of scientific and applied problems in areas such as: modeling facilities and development of control systems, design of communication systems, signal and image processing, measurement signals and testing, financial modeling, computational biology, and others.

Key features:
The core of MATLAB allows the most simple to work with real matrices, complex and analytical data types. Contains built-in linear algebra (LAPACK, BLAS), fast Fourier transform (FFTW), functions for working with polynomials, functions, basic statistics and numerical solutions of differential equations. All built-in kernel functions designed and optimized MATLAB experts and work faster or the same as their equivalent in C / C ++

- Platform-independent, high-level programming language oriented to the matrix calculation and the development of algorithms
- Interactive environment for code development, managing files and data
- The functions of linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, the solution of differential equations and others.
- Rich visualization, 2-D and 3-D graphics
- Built-in user interface design to create complete applications in MATLAB
- Tools integration with C / C ++, inheritance code, ActiveX technology
- Access to the functions of .NET

Whats new:
Release 2014b includes:
- Major release of MATLAB, with a new graphics system, increased support for big data, features for packaging and sharing code, and source control integration
- New Simulink features for accelerating model building and running consecutive simulations
- Updates to 81 other products

System requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite); OS X 10.9 (Mavericks); Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion); Mac OS X 10.7.4+ (Lion)
- Disk Space: 1 GB for MATLAB only, 3-4 GB for a typical installation
- RAM: 1024 MB (At least 2048 MB recommended)
- Java, automatically installed if needed

Installation instructions:
1. Mount (not decompress!) Image MATLAB_R2014a_UNIX.iso as you normally would on your system
2. Go to the directory where you mounted the image file and run ./install (in linux required with root, a Mac will ask the administrator password)
3. choose "install manually without using the internet"
4. enter the "file installation key"
5. Select the installation path to install the required components and Matalab
6. when asked to activate, and select accept "Activate manually without internet"
7. if he asks for a license file must specify a file path "PATH_TO_MOUNT / Crack / license_405329_R2014a.lic"
(where "PATH_TO_MOUNT" - the directory where you mounted your image)
8. For Linux Copy / overwrite a file from a folder Crack / Linux in: PATH_INSTALL / MATLAB / R2014A / bin / glnxa64 PATH_INSTALL where is the directory where you installed Matlab
For MAC OS X Copy / overwrite the file libmwservices.dylib folder Crack \ OSX in: \ \ bin \ maci64

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