SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 DC20141107 Update .

SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 DC20141107 Update .
SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 DC20141107 WIN Update | 93 + 9MB
Mamba FX is a powerful and innovative compositing software package providing unrivalled levels of performance and interactivity. Mamba FX provides high-end compositing tools to meet all requirements from the highly creative indie market through to major TV and studio productions. Mamba runs under Windows and is available for a wide variety of Windows, Linux, and Mac configurations.
All Options Enabled

DCP Creation V2.0
Stereo3D Professional V2.0
RED Camera Support V2.0
ARRI Camera Support V2.0
Phantom Camera Support V2.0
Unlimited Render V2.0
Weisscam Camera Support V2.0
AVC Intra100 Support V2.0
Parallel Computing Boost V2.0
Additional Codecs should also be fine.
SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 DC20141107 Update .


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