Navigon MN7 MN8 North America Q2.2013 Map Update-NAViGON (26/11/14)

Navigon MN7 MN8 North America Q2.2013 Map Update-NAViGON (26/11/14)

Navigon MN7 MN8 North America Q2.2013 Map Update-NAViGON | 2.39 GB

Planning to do a cross-country tour of the USA? Want to take in the big cities on the east or west coasts of the USA? Or just cruise through California with the top down? Live out your dreams ?€" but make sure you?€™ve got reliable map material for North America from NAVIGON first! So there?€™ll be no dead ends and the dream doesn?€™t become a nightmare.

The best maps for better coverage

Maps by NAVIGON: much more than just roads!

With our NAVIGON Q2 2011 map material you?€™ll enjoy the following benefits for a safe and stress-free journey:

Always stay well informed: the map material includes current roads, traffic routing, speed limits and the most important road signs.
Simply discover more: the NAVIGON Q2 2011 map material also includes over 1,900,000 POIs (points of interest) in over 57 different categories.
Travel more conveniently: POIs simply make journeys easier. Whether it?€™s a filling station, tourist attraction or the right restaurant ?€" you?€™ll always be able to find exactly what you?€™re looking for!

Map features:

1.911.405 special destinations such as restaurants, banks and another categories
Around 1,60 GB have to be downloaded. The time needed for the download depends on your Internet connection.

Your NAVIGON device must meet the following system specifications:

An additional SD card is needed*
NAVIGON recommends SD cards from SanDisk

*Only necessary if the navigation device?€™s internal memory is not sufficient. You can find out which memory card is right for your NAVIGON in our FAQ.
Easy installation:

NAVIGON Fresh downloads the needed files and automatically installs them on your navigation device.
PC system requirements

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
USB port and (micro) SD / MMC card reader (recommended)
4 GB free space on hard disk
DSL Internet connection recommended

Please reset your device after installing the North America Map.

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