Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage
Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage | 319.6 MB

Logopress Corp., the developer of Logopress3 Gold Certified Partner Product for SolidWorks, along with its North American distributor and technical center, Accurate Die Design, Inc., has released an update for Logopress3 2015, is recognized as the easiest to use 3D die design software available, while still providing all the powerful features and functionality needed to produce the most complex die designs.

Logopress3 has flawless integration with SolidWorks, with a simple and straightforward interface, which means a shorter learning curve. Logopress3 was the first product in the world to receive SolidWorks Gold Certification without requiring any changes whatsoever.

Logopress3 is currently used in over 30 countries around the world. The work can be started from a SolidWorks native part or, more commonly, from an imported part from another cad system. The entire process will be sped up thanks to the dedicated Logopress3 functions and automation

In only a few mouse clicks you can unfold your part and then model the intermediate stages that will allow defining the process that will become your strip layout. This can be done from a native SolidWorks model or from an imported model from any other cad system, without preparing it in any specific way.

The K-Factors for each individual bend can be automatically calculated by Logopress3 and the unfolding/unbending features can very easily be edited. This way, you can switch from a full unbending to a partial unbending. You can change the partial unbending angle value, you can manage the spring back options, the bend allowance, etc.

What fixed in SP0.2:
- BC1159. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Copy of set of components:
With SOLIDWORKS 2014, when making a copy of a large set of components (with plates of tool) and activating the Mirror option, then some mirrored plates may not be copied. This is not reproducible with SOLIDWORKS 2013 and SOLIDWORKS 2015.
- BC1158. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Strip Layout:
When creating cutting punches with Add a cutting punch or with Add an inclined cutting punch (cam punch) , and when exiting the punch sketch by clicking Edit Component instead of regularly quitting the sketch and validating , then the punch does not have any solid body.
- BC1157. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Part nesting:
The nesting of parts that are not located at same level is wrong.
- BC1156. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Standard component library 123Go Advanced:
It appears that O7mm dowel holes are created when inserting DAYTON INCH ball lock punch/pilot retainers and it does not matter what size is selected.
- BC1155. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Tool animation:
SOLIDWORKS crashes when animating some tool assemblies without .body files (that correspond to the station marks) in the same folder as the reference part and the annex part.
- BC1154. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Strip Layout:
SOLIDWORKS crashes if you click Configuration at station... in the Save the strip assembly as dialog box when there's only one configuration in the annex part for strip (or only one station mark in the reference part).
- BC1153. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Standard component library 123Go Advanced:
A second screen is plugged to the PC (using the Duplicate mode in order to enlarge the working area), and you move the Single machining dialog box in this second screen. But later you unplug this second screen, only working with the main screen. Then the Single machining dialog box disappears, because it keeps displayed in the second screen area.
NOTE: it was already easy to repair this trouble by deleting LastPosWndBibcUsi.tmp file in ...Logopress3temp folder.
- BC1151. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Sketch fillet management:
The SOLIDWORKS option Input dimension value (in General section) is deactivated when using Chamfer Offset .
- BC1150. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Standard component library 123Go Advanced:
Cylindrical punch/pilot mounted with 2 screw plugs in the upper block: when being edited, if the screw plug diameter changes, then the bottom one is not updated.
- BC1149. Fixed in 2015 SP0.2. Hole Table:
When Wire EDM start hole are not created along Z direction in plates of an assembly, then in the drawing of this assembly the hole table is wrong (only 1 start hole is detected, and its description is redundant).


Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage

Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage

Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage

Logopress3 2015 SP0.2 Multilanguage

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