Sony Sound Forge 2 v2.0.3 (Mac OSX)

Sony Sound Forge 2 v2.0.3 (Mac OSX)
Sony Sound Forge 2 v2.0.3 (Mac OSX) | 50 MB
Generate flawless audio files with Sound Forge™ Pro Mac. New features include in-depth metering utilities, top-tier vocal processing, and the freestanding Convrt™ Batch Processing Automation Tool. Seamless integration with SpectraLayers™ Pro 2 provides the finishing touch, delivering the ultimate in waveform and spectral editing program integration. Employ Sound Forge Pro Mac in your studio workstream and open smooth new pathways to audio excellence in OS X.
Record, edit, process, and render high-resolution audio

Record pristine audio - up to 32 simultaneous channels at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.
Configurable viewing panels allow you to toggle to any project view you need in seconds - see everything at once, or toggle the view to see only the features you want, when you want.
Includes native processes such as fade, flip, mute, volume, normalize, and reverse. Compress your audio with Wave Hammer. Conduct time and pitch modifications with Zplane™ technology. Easily access your entire 64-bit AU and VST plug-in collection.
Save audio files in formats including 3G2, 3GP, AAC, AIF, CAF, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, OGG, SND, W64, and WAV.
Sound Forge 2 features an elegant, streamlined interface that can flex quickly to meet editors' style and workflow demands.
User interface
Editor Panels. Two discrete editor panels, each with their own overview bars, file tabs, and transport controls; drag selections or whole files between them for editing.
Media Browser. Find and audition files, keep track of open files, and more.
Meters. Choose from a variety of calibrated ranges and display options. Simultaneously view VU and peak program meters.
Plug-in Chooser. A dedicated panel for AU and VST plug-in processing; access your plug-ins, apply and save presets, and sort your plug-in collection here.
Plug-in Chainer. Plug-in chains make sophisticated nondestructive signal and effects processing operations possible. Load plug-ins and change their order in the signal path while monitoring the finished sound before rendering out precisely optimized master files.
Drop and name markers, fine tune selections, create and subdivide regions, loop region playback, and access the Regions List tool for list-based auditioning and fine tuning. Automatically create new files from existing regions in an open file.
Event Mode editing. Divide a sound file into any number of independent sections on the timeline. Crossfade events, convert regions to events, lock event markers, region markers, and envelope points to events, and automatically ripple successive events forward in time while editing.
Summary Information, File Properties, and Statistics tools. Easily view, edit, and apply file metadata - simply select a field and enter the information of your choice. The File Properties and Statistics tools display all the important attributes of your sound files.
Processing power
Sound Forge 2 installs with the features you need to achieve perfect master files rendered in a wide variety of formats and resolutions, including high-resolution audio.
Accomplish peak level normalization, or average RMS level normalization - great for matching the apparent loudness of different recordings.
Get precise control over your audio heads and tails with five different fade types.
Mix clipboard contents into a sound file and apply custom crossfades, adjusting both source and destination volume levels along the way.
Use the Channel Converter to change the number of channels in an audio file, reverse the channels of a stereo file, and more.
Wave Hammer. This exclusive audio mastering plug-in features classic compression as well as volume maximization.
Zplane™ ?lastique timestretch. Achieve precise, formant-preserving audio time and pitch shifting.
Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Language : English
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