CSVEdit v2.4 Bilingual Retail Mac OS X

CSVEdit v2.4 Bilingual Retail Mac OS X | 2.6 MB
Languages: DE, EN

CSV files , comma separated values, are a widely used file type for the transfer of simple information. It's a format used by Excel and a host of other applications in finance and other industries. CSVEdit will open these files supporting a user-selectable set of field delimiters and file encodings, allow you to search and filter (ie, only show rows containing a string), and edit the files. Fields can be altered, rows added, reordered and/or removed, columns added or deleted. CSVEdit supports undo so you can try things out.
By changing the file's characteristics, you can open SQL data extracts (hint: change the field separator to "|") or many other row-based formats.

The files can then be saved, optionally using new delimiters or in a different file encoding to make translating between formats easy.

It all adds up to a simple but powerful tool for browsing and editing CSV files.

Note: CSVEdit 1.0.0 does not save comment lines present in the input when writing out files.

Usage tips

Changing CSV file characteristics on output

If you display the toolbar using the "View/Show Toolbar" menu item, the toolbar will appear. If you click on the "CSV Settings" icon there, it will drop down the settings so that you can change them. The changed settings will apply when you "Save" (or, more likely, "Save As ...") the file.

Selecting columns

You can select a whole column using option-click in the column header. When the column is selected you can delete it using using the "Delete column" menu item or the delete column icon in the toolbar.
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