Cryptociphеr Bollywood Harmoniums KONTAKT .

Cryptociphеr Bollywood Harmoniums KONTAKT .
Cryptociphеr Bollywood Harmoniums KONTAKT | 0.97 Gb
Harmoniums have been the soul of Bollywood since it's inception. Harmoniums can be played solo as well as within your song structures. This authentic instrument collection includes a patch from a 1930's Harmonium and a regular Harmonium along with their legato patches. The included legato patches will give you an entirely different feel while playing the harmoniums.

* Three Varieties of Harmoniums.( Three Reed, Regular Tone and 1930'S Harmonium).
* Master and Legato Patch for each Harmonium.
* Digital Tanpura Drones recorded from Shruti Box.
* Raga phrase based Violin Library.
* Sound Designed Patches derived from Bollywood Harmonium Samples.
* Custom Script for Bollywood Harmoniums.
* Multisampled Three Reed Harmonium - which Includes Male , Female and Bass Reeds.
* Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz / 24 bit NCW Format.
Cryptociphеr Bollywood Harmoniums KONTAKT .


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