Formidable v2.0.19 - A WordPress form builder + Addons Pack

Formidable v2.0.19 - A WordPress form builder + Addons Pack

Forms made powerful, easy, extendable... Formidable Do more with your data Don't just collect information, display it. Create posts, tables, graphs and much more. Developer friendly Unleash unlimited possibilities with completely customizable form HTML and hooks everywhere. Powerful tools Get professional results.
Includes Formidable Addons Pack: Formidable to AWeber v1.0.01 | Formidable Bootstrap v1.01.02 | Formidable to Highrise v1.0 | Formidable Locations v1.0.02 | Formidable to MailChimp v1.04.01 | Formidable Math Captcha v1.10 | Formidable Payment v2.04.02 | Formidable Registration v1.11.03 | Formidable Signature field v1.07.01 | Formidable Twilio v1.02 | Formidable Upload Importer v1.0 | Formidable Multilingual v1.03.01 | Formidable Zapier v1.0

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