तो गावे दुरे हाये वा | Chuta and Priyanka Love Story New timli | A1Lucky Musical Band | By Smithp

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मस्त हाय एक दाव हैरा , तो गावे दुर हाये मिला मान आवातो नाहा
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This channel shows adivasi culture , adivasi best band party video like Rocky Star band khotarampura, Ganesh band khotarampura, Kohinoor star band sadapani etc. and best adivasi song , adivasi wedding video , adivasi wedding dance , adivasi dubbed video, adivasi funny video, adivasi comedy video

This channel upload more adivasi best song , timali ,Ramtudi , Rodali , Nagpuri song, Garba , ahirani song , Marathi song , Gujarati song and Hindi song Playing by various Adivasi band in Nandurbar , Shahada , Taloda , kukarmunda , Akkalkuwa , khapar , Dhanshera , dedyapada ,Vyara , Surat , Mandavi , Navapur areas

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