⭐NuNi Mega Compilation ⭐ Pacifier | morning routine and so much more

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NUNI is an educational 3D animation series designed to help preschool children and their parents develop social-emotional skills relevant to everyday situations and developmental stages.

A mega compilation of NuNi’s morning routine and Bedtime! Including: Waking up, brushing her teeth, packing a bag, monster under the bed and they all want the light to stay on! Morning time and Bedtime has never been more adventures… and funny!

Pacifier and It's Time to Eat! Including: New pacifier, I lost my pacifier, Bye-Bye pacifier, Food fight, Sharing is Caring and how to use a spoon! The Pacifier great adventure… And why did they get in to a food fight?

For more videos of NuNi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J3nF-Gg0ZQ&t=12s
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Production Company:  TWIST ANIMATION LTD
Created by: Sarit Ido Schechter, Yossi Dahan, Talmon Gamliel
Original Music: Daniel Markovich
Directing: Gil Daniel, Terry Freedman
Editing: Yossi Dahan
Art Directing & Story Boarding: Terry Freedman
Modeling: Michal Bental, Nofar Shaked
Technical Directing: Nofar Shaked
Animation Director: Gil Daniel
Layout: Maya Glick
Animation: Maya Glick, Nofar Shaked
Lighting, Shading & Render: Michal Bental
Effects & Post Production: Michal Bental
Sound Effects: Moshe Oshri
Content Managing: Shelley Aviner
Lead Production Puppy: Bobby
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