???????? Your Love Story Part 6 // ???? Surrounding Environment // Pick a Card ????????

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Hey cosmic crew ???? I love you, hope you are all safe and protected ????
I am bringing you a tarot love series, called 'Your Love Story' ???? in which I take your relationship from the beginning until the final outcome. A bit like 'tarot soaps', if you'd like ???? This is part 6 where I explore the surrounding environment in which your love story will take place and the influence of friends, family and the wider society ???????? The 'pick a card reading' was created with your future lover/next partner in mind , but it might apply to the person you are thinking of at the moment ;)

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???? A spiritual hug is coming your way ????

???? With universal love, Lexi⭐
(lifepath 3 / Pisces Sun, Saggi Moon & Libra Asc/ Fire Rabbit / empath / introvert - INFJ)

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