2020 Year Review: The Rise of TANKINATORXXX | WOTB Movie

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Have a safe 2021 tankers!

Thank you to everyone who have been with me during this journey! :D

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Songs Used in Order:
Bobby Cole- Music for a Killer
NERO- Into the Past
Bazanji- King
Enfin Apparu- https://youtu.be/D86itLlFeTs

DMCA plz don't copystike me ???? It took me so long to make this (1 day without break). Please Im a helpless talentless lowlife who can't make my own music. I luv not going to prison plz. My life is already so hard playing phone game all day I beg u. This material is entertainment purposes only and Im not monetizing this channel. I just wanna steal... erm I mean take... ermmm USE good music ????. im inosent dont hurt me ???????????????? amen
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