2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review

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???? Today we take a look at the ALL NEW 2021 FORD BRONCO SPORT! This SUV has a great design and some nice features! The new baby Bronco has a rugged look and great off road performance! 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend is a great trim level too!

???? 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review????
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???? About this video : In today's video we take a detailed look at the all new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend! This is the smaller of the new Bronco's coming from Ford and is based off of the Ford Escape. This model is about eight inches shorter and still has an ample amount of interior room! The rear seat passengers have plenty of headroom with the curve of the roof and can place their feet underneath the front seats to make it a comfortable back seat. The exterior styling is a great modern design from the original Bronco sport and I love how they kept it boxy and gave it an aggressive look for a smaller size SUV! If you want to set yourself apart from other vehicles in this class, this is the SUV to do it with! The interior has nice materials and all the information you need, the infotainment system is easy to use along with the rest of the center control stack. There is plenty of storage space and hidden pockets throughout with is a great use of the space! The engine in this model is the smaller one offered and I thought it had an adequate amount of power for the size of the vehicle, but of course you can opt for the larger engine if desired! Overall this is a great SUV to come from Ford and I love how it gives customers the option to get a rugged "off-roader" in this class.
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