2nd Stimulus Check Update: $2,100 Bonus | MAJOR Tax Cut Problem

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In today's 2nd stimulus check update and stimulus package update there are some major reports that we need to discuss. The first major report, one that talks about a potential $2,100 bonus. Also, there is a huge tax cut problem that I am sure the federal government has not quite thought about.

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If you are here because you want to know what is new in regards to the 2nd stimulus check update and stimulus package update, then you are in the right spot.

Everyday there is going to be new updates in regards to the second stimulus check. Why? Simply because the parties are going to be debating what to give the American people. Will everybody get a $1,200 stimulus check? Will unemployment be extended for an additional $600 per week? What about state and local government funding? Will essential workers received hazard pay? These are just some of the things that are currently being discussed within congress.

In this video I talk about what we currently know regarding the second stimulus check. We know that there will be a second stimulus check, but we need to know how will receive a 2nd stimulus check, how much the stimulus check will be for, and when could we expect another round of stimulus.

What about the $600 unemployment boost?
If you are currently on unemployment then this is one of those topics within the stimulus package that many Senators are fighting over. Multiple Republicans don't feel it is necessary for the Senate to give people on unemployment any additional boost. The problem is that Senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell believes extending the unemployment boost until the end of the year is a good idea, but at a much smaller amount. What is that amount, well, it could be as low as $100 per week.

In this video I also go into details about a discussion I had with an old classmate about how he might benefit off the payroll tax cut. If you didn't get a chance to watch that part in this video then I highly encourage it as this shows what could happen with this additional 6.2% of an employees income.

Will there be a second stimulus check? Trust me, as soon as I know what the amount is and who will receive it I will be letting you know.

Will unemployment be extended past July? Again, as soon as I have a better answer on this topic I will let you know that as well. As or right now, there are just a lot of reports on all the topics because even the Republicans can't agree on what to do.

When it comes to second stimulus payments I can almost guarantee that the earliest payments would come no earlier than the 2nd week of August. I just want you to understand that so that you are not waiting and hoping to use that money for Augusts rent/mortgage.

Thank you for watching this 2nd stimulus check update and stimulus package update video. If you have any questions regarding the next round of stimulus or how to make money online then please comment below and I will be sure to help you out. Be sure to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE so that you never miss a new stimulus check update.


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