6 DIY Under-Eye Masks Using Kitchen Ingredients | Pantry Beauty

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Insider's Caroline Aghajanian is working from home in California during the coronavirus pandemic. She's researched six DIY under-eye masks she can make from kitchen ingredients to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Finding some ingredients might be difficult right now, so she's included a variety of remedies to pick from. Caroline will be going through the ingredients used in each mask, their benefits, and taking before and after pictures each day of her under eyes These are one-day tests, so results may vary if the masks are used longer.

Masks featured in the video:
1: Avocado with aloe vera 1:21
2: Cucumber with rose water 3:39
3: Potato 5:28
4: Coffee with honey 6:37
5: Green tea with rose-hip oil 8:24
6: Turmeric with buttermilk 10:51

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6 DIY Under-Eye Masks Using Kitchen Ingredients | Pantry Beauty
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