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BBQ is all about Family. Always has been, always will be. But do you know what's better than sharing a Family BBQ? Starting a Family BBQ Business. In the case of Todd Hill from Jackalope Trading Co, it's a Family BBQ Rub Business. And when it comes to small business ideas, isn't that the best kind?

In all seriousness, Jackalope Trading Co spice rubs are some of our favourite BBQ rubs here at Smoking Hot Confessions. Their 'Dark Side' seasoning is quite possibly the best coffee rub on smoked brisket that we've ever tried. In our offset smoker, it's just magic. The aroma this dry rub gives off while the food is cooking is otherworldly. And no, we're not sponsored by Jackalope!

In this Episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast, Todd and I get into:

• How Todd likes to make pastrami at home (5:36)
• Why North African Barbecue is one of his favourite styles (10:27)
• His interesting new business model (15:50)
• What motivates Todd to keep up such an intense work ethic on his food business (19:56)
• How last year was a good thing for his business (25:49)
• Why he prefers to grind his BBQ rubs by hand (30:56)
• How to balance flavours with cooking food with barbecue seasoning (37:47)
• The difference between a herb and a spice (45:59)

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