Adopt Me Trading Video - Part 2: I got a ???? Mega Crocodile????, one of my many dream pets!

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Hello Everybody,
Welcome back to my YouTube channel. And I'm so glad to have you here. Today is a very momentous occasion because I did indeed get a mega crocodile, as you probably saw from this video's thumbnail. If you guys didn't know, I've been really trying to get a mega crocodile! I talked about this in my last video. I was on a mission, if you didn't hear. Okay, and the mission is not done yet! The mega crocodile trade was happening. This is the moment of truth. I've been trying to get a mega crocodile for days. And it's finally about to happen.

Via, my friend Via just showed up at the exact time I made the trade! It's crazy!. I am so happy!

Let's name it. Theodore, maybe no. Simon. Alvin. Not any of the Chipmunks from alpha chipmunks. Have you guys seen any of those movies?
I love those movies. What about Barry from my favorite show, the flash? You should watch it. I'm in Barry. Think that's how you spell Barry. Barry Allen. Yes. Barry Allen. The Flash.
My favorite show! I love it so much! Barry Oh my gosh! Should we have Barry Allen in the house?

I'm so happy right now!
I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
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Lavender ????????????????

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