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I just really wanted to apologise for cutting the video, I know I made you guys wait a while for this video and when it finally got uploaded it was incomplete I'm sorry, but please just know that I would never intentionally upload an incomplete video because I always try my best or use my best effort when making videos but I fell sick while making this video my head was hurting I couldn't eat idk I was in a lot of pain and please don't think that I'm lying and this is some excuse for me being lazy because it's not but it's your choice if you believe it or not. And oh yes I know that I didn't include Killua's family or leorio and Kurapika but I put Hisoka in for some reason, I'm sorry about that I wanted to make this video about Killua ONLY but I got carried away???? once again I'm sorry and I hope you can understand.
Have a good day/Night and I love you guys so much????
I don't own any of the videos used in this video credit to the rightful owners.
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