Best Moments of 2020 | Year In Review | Happy New Year!

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2020 has been a very tough year for us all but I want to celebrate the moments that have made it so much better. In 2020 we have:
Raised £770.72 for charities including the NHS and Black Lives Matter
Gained 4,067 new subscribers
Live streamed for 2498 minutes
Played 12 new games
Boogied to 7 new songs I sang for you
and it's a miracle your ear drums are still in tact after the infinite amount of screams you've all endured!
Thank you to everyone who is a part of this awesome community, I can't wait to keep on creating, singing, playing and streaming with you all!
Thanks also to the amazingly talented people I've worked with in 2020:
Horizen Productions: (Who also created the music in this video)
Nina Sayuri:
Jacob J Rowley:
Nicky Gorov:

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