Classic Ele Shaman PvP | Bra the Ele | Re-Origin

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I got everything I wanted from Classic and more. This project has been planned since I decided to commit myself to the release of Classic. I have succesfully rewrote my history and origin story and I hope that you all were able to do the same.

Elemental shaman PVP On Kirtonos
+One shots
+Heavy editing

I've made friends, rivals, accomplishments and failures - And i plan to make more.

Thanks to all my friends and guildmates in Intrepid.

Special thanks to Kambrio, Machinima Extroidinaire:

And Jeremy Adams the artist who helped bring my vision to life:

As a special note:
I have played this game for 15 years now as have many of you. As I age i find myself caring less about
optimization, and more about originality and style.
That includes gameplay, gearing, and even editing techniques of my videos.
I enjoy the old school asthetics in pvp movies but I invite you to open your mind
and help the genre evolve. This is a suggestion not for just the audiance of pvp videos
but you as an individual in the way you seek to express your artistic thoughts.

Thanks for your time
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