Come fall in love with Math_Manish Jain, CCL IIT Gandhinagar

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Activities at glance!
Introduction 1:09
Visit to Center for Creative learning LAB 5:10
Activities from CCL IITGN 7:15
Conclusion from speaker 59:39
Back to Science activity centre 1:00:13
Question & Answer segment 1:07:19
Conclusion from Science activity centre 1:22:42
Insight view!
Math salute 7:15
I have lots of mangoes, I give 9:27
About Maryam Mirzakhani 10:43
Story of Carl Friedrich Gauss 11:55
Keynote from speaker 13:35
Flipping the Arrow direction 13:55
Keynote from speaker 15:33
Why Math? 17:28
About quadratic equations 18:00
Cycle on a circle 19:42
Geogebra simulations 19:56
Curve stitching 20:39
Solving math problem _BODMAS 21:51
Put fingers together 25:06
A4 to A5 paper 27:35
Card sorting activity 28:34
Introduction to 3D structures 34:00
Structures using dough and sticks 37:25
Keynote from speaker 38:09
Platonic and Archimedean lamps 38:14
Angle Trisector 38:42
Mechanical Trisector 40:42
Pentasector toy 41:40
1000 Year Calendar 43:08
Pi only in circles? 46:38
Story of Archimedes 47:58
Octahedron, 8 triangles or 3 squares 49:57
Conic section 50:33
45deg rotation 53:26
Toys from CCL lab 54:25
About math puzzles 56:14
Keynote from speaker 57:13
Diwali puzzle 57:40
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Topic of demonstration: Come fall in love with Math!
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About Guest: Mr. Manish Jain (Associate Teaching Professor, Creative Learning Initiative, IIT Gandhinagar)
Center for Creative Learning (CCL) is a group at IIT Gandhinagar which aims at making STEM education (math,science, and engineering) engaging and inspiring.
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CCL has been working with students, teachers, and college professors to take experiential learning to classrooms. In the past three years, they have made 800+ activities and stories which can excite students and bring back the gleam in the eyes!
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Team: Manish Jain, Gaurav Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Pankaj Godara, Jay Thakkar, Tapas Hira, Janardan Kannaujiya, Sarita, Satish
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