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If you would like to purchase a personal tarot reading, text me anytime at: 217-521-7817 (do not call. text only)
or you can order directly from the website. For list of readings offered, including prices:
If you are looking for an excellent source for an in-depth ASTROLOGY CHART interpretation, including transits, synastry, solar returns, etc.. please see my friends at: https://trulydivine.com
USE code: BTL30 for 30% OFF:) Their prices are reasonable already. I do get a commission for referral, but would never in a million years recommend if I did not believe in their services.
your reader: scorpio sun/cancer rising/capricorn moon/sagittarius venus/and a double Leo with Double Aquarius interception
Social media:
FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/behindthelimb
Instagram: @behindthelimb
my original (non-tarot) t-shirt designs: Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/pepperandfrost
donations (which are always super appreciated!) can be made at: https://www.behindthelimb.com
or through Venmo: @behindthelimb
Other readers I watch and recommend:
Tyler's always a fave!
Ramblin Mike's Tarot
Jane International
Tarot of the Intuitive Teacup (also does career reads)
Starseed 1111
Unconditional Healing
CancerMoons Tarot
Star Lordess Tarot
Suit of Cups tarot
Nigel St James tarot (great more esoteric reader)
Ray of Light

(and a SLEW more) I will refresh and update, otherwise this list would be a mile long!
for esoteric info, my faves are: bill donahue (not to be confused with the Catholic preacher) and Doelow Da Pilotman and for manifestation vids, highly recommend Quazi Johir. Astrologers: Rick Levine, and Molly McCord
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