Dance Of The Phoenix 且听凤鸣 EP28:Poor Feng Wu is going back to where she came from?!

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【Synopsis】Feng Wu, a talented young girl, loses her phoenix true blood and becomes a useless person after being set up by her enemy Zuo Qingyuan. Her teacher falls into a deep sleep after saving her. Fei Chai, a traditional medical student in the modern era, accidentally enters this fantasy world through a game and took on the identity of Feng Wu. It turns out that Feng Wu has a marriage agreement with Jun Linzhou, prince of the Jun Wu tribe. Feng Wu begins a new lease of life, using her modern knowledge and medical skills to help her family while spending her days cultivating. In the process, she makes new friends and also falls in love with Jun Linzhou.
【Starring】Yang Chao Yue, Xu Kai Cheng, Fu Jing

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