Dissidia: Opera Omnia - Should You Pull? Noel EX/Locke EX/Noctis PLUS Start-up Banner!

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Dissidia: Opera Omnia - Should You Pull? Noel EX/Locke EX/Noctis PLUS Start-up Banner!

The Chaos/EX+ era is inching closer and closer to us, but damn if they aren't trying to tempt our resources out of us with so many interesting new characters, including Noel with an EX that hits like a truck! Are these banners enough to entice our gems away from us this close to Chaos? Better watch and find out!

Don't forget about the giveaways that are currently being held for Full Art Cactuars and the Sephiroth Portrait!!

Cactuars: https://gleam.io/jpdCO/fftcg-cactuar-promo-giveaway

Sephiroth: https://gleam.io/deCKf/handdrawn-sephiroth-portrait-by-joesephyr-giveaway

Be sure to check out these links, as they're shown in the video and are EXTREMELY helpful to anyone wanting to learn more about the world of Opera Omnia!

DissidiaDB - https://dissidiadb.com/
Altema JP Gacha List - https://altema.jp/dffoo/gachamemorial...

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