DRUNKEN MOVIE NIGHT! WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation 2017 & Monster Island 2019 - LIVE STREAM R

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Here we go again! Saturday, April 10th 2021 at 7PM EST! We are back for our annual Birthday Show, or our #DrunkenBirthdays2021 live stream with our super drunk reactions!

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The crew of The D.M.N. are at it again, traveling around space getting into high jinx, but how long until Eric does something so stupid they get into real trouble again?

Drunken Movie Night Website: http://www.DrunkenMovieNight.com

Mike is back from Area 51 and WILL join Mary and I to play some Quiplash before we watch the 2017 movie WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation (Mike’s Pick) followed by the 2019 flick from The Asylum, Monster Island (Eric’s Pick)! Hopefully, it will be a stupid fun night and we might even stay on schedule!

I could not find WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation streaming anywhere for free. Monster Island is available for with Amazon Prime Video and on Hulu.

Join us in the chat and say “Hi”!

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We go LIVE at 7PM!

***QUIPLASH at 7:30PM*******************************

Join us at http://www.Jackbox.tv put in your name and once we reveal the code, you can play along with us!

***WTF: WORLD THUMBWRESTLING FEDERATION 2017 (89 minutes) starts at 8:00PM********

WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation Trailer and movie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YhErfQaO34

A Documentary crew follows Thumbwrestling's biggest event after the villainous Mr. Venom defeated Papa Brussel by thumb submission. It’s now Papa Brussel's sons who must restore the Brussel legacy.

WATCH on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3rLbd8F

BUY physical on Amazon: N/A

***QUIPLASH Round 2 starts at 9:30PM********************

We are back to our usual 3 rounds. So, be ready and be quick if you want to play with us!************************************************************


***QUIPLASH Round 3 starts at 10:05PM******************

The final round of Quiplash for the night! Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get to play! You can always vote as an audience member and keep the game extra fun!

***MONSTER ISLAND 2017 (89 minutes) starts at approximately 10:30PM***

Monster Island trailer and movie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guA5HVRSzfQ

As the world tries to stop a giant Kaiju bent on destruction, more and more monsters appear – each one more terrible than the last – leaving mankind defenseless until our heroes reach out to a specialist versed in monster lore.

WATCH on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ok2lsL

BUY physical on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3upV6Pg

***Stream ends at approximately Midnight EST***


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