Every 5-Second Review from 2020

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It’s been an action-packed year of video game news and new releases - and we have covered it all right here on the Inside Gaming Roundup... but there is one part of the show that gets the least time to shine.

That’s not because it isn’t a good part of the show but because by it’s very nature it excels at being the shortest part of the show. So today we are dedicating an entire episode to every 5-Second Review shot in 2020.

It’s going to be a supercut for the ages as Brian passes judgment on all of your favorite and least favorite games from 2020 in this 5-Second Review Roundup. Let’s go.

* Note and fun fact: The last 5-Second Review of the year isn’t in here because the Roundup published on 12/19/20 is the last video we shot and edited in 2020. It was done the very last day we were in the office… So okay, yeah, yeah, the title of this video should be “Every 5-Second Review from 2020 (except the last one)” but no one wants to read all that. Besides if you miss it that much you can go back and watch that episode of the Roundup again! Anyways, thanks to everyone for watching, commenting, and making the roundup so much fun to do every week.

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