[Fancam][SUB] Dimash (feat. Li Yugang) - The Drunken Beauty + Diva Dance 新贵妃醉酒 2nd recording

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Singer: Dimash Kudaibergen
Name of the song: The Drunken Beauty (新贵妃醉酒) + Diva Dance
Date: January 15, 2020
Venue: Shanghai Baoshan Sports Center
Event: Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala
Video information: 1920 x 1080p, H.264, 30 fps.
#Dimash #Димаш #DimashKudaibergen #ДимашКудайберген #新贵妃醉酒 #迪玛希 #李玉刚
❤️Thanks to Dear Aurora for recording the exclusive video, this channel is authorized by her to edit&post it. Subtitles are translated and edited by DimashRhasody.
Please do not re-edit or re-upload the video. All rights reserved.
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