Fnatic vs Origen - Game 1 | Round 1 PlayOffs S10 LEC Spring 2020 | FNC vs OG G1

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Game 1 OG vs FNC LEC 2020 Spring Round 1 PlayOffs - Origen vs Fnatic lol eSports eu lcs Spring 2020.
LoL eSports S10 LEC Spring 2020 G1 - Fnatic vs Origen | League of Legends European Championship 2020 OG vs FNC G1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
First match of the day - Origen vs Fnatic best of 5 Game 1.
FNC vs OG R1 full game in HD 1080p.

Fnatic Line-up:
Bwipo - Top Zac
Selfmade - jungle Gragas
Nemesis - mid Yasuo
Rekkles - ADC Senna
Hylissang - support Zilean

Origen Line-up:
Alphari - top Gangplank
Xerxe - jungle Trundle
Nukeduck - mid Ornn
Upset - ADC Ezreal
Destiny - support Yuumi

Patch: 10.6 - Season 10
Game date: 04.04.2020 | 04/04/2020 | April 4th 2020
Game place: online
Casters: Medic and Vedius

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