FOR HONOR: The Viking trio is ready! - Reputation 70 Raider, Rep 50 Warlord and Rep 21 Shaman Brawls

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Holy moly the new songs are absolutely fantastic.
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I bet you never expected from me to make a vid that includes shaman in brawl.
Here I am. I know, crazy.
And I recently hit rep 50 on warlord so time to flex.
Thank you for my Discord friends for joining me in few brawls. Good fights!
Enjoy the video!

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Daniel W.
Tate R.

Intro music: Danheim - Berserkir
Music used:
Heldom - Geysa
Vinnie Camilleri - Eric the Red
Vinnie Camilleri - Rollo
Vévaki - Löng er Nótt
Wardruna - Grá
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