Gran Turismo Sport - FIA Nations Cup 2020 Season - Stage 2 Round 9 (Round 19) (30/06/2020)

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The penultimate stage 2 race brings us back to Laguna Seca under a dusk sky. Group 1 cars were involved, so one with good handling and (hybrid assisted) acceleration was in order: The Toyota TS050. Given my previous race with this car, it almost became my forté.

Car: Toyota TS050 Hybrid '16 Gr.1
Starting position: 7th
Tyre compound: Racing Soft, Racing Medium (Required), Racing Hard (Required)
Fuel consumption: 4x
Tyre wear: 6x

0:00 Race start from bumper view
34:02 Race start from replay cameras

My stats (Updates live after each online race):

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