Hades(2020): EnteR ChazmaN Game Review

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This battle shall shake the underworld itself! Here's my review and thoughts on Supergiant's newest game Hades. Was Hades truly a contender for GOTY in 2020 and did it actually stand toe to toe with the triple A behemoths it was going against? Find out here!

Sonos - "Fill Your Home With Music"

Music used:
EnteR ChazmaN Theme Song - Thanks to "Sorus"
Whitesand - "Circle of Life" (used at beginning)
Hades - "Out Of Tartarus" (used in body of video)
Hades - "No Escape" (used in body of video)
Hades - Good Riddance Eurydice Solo (used in credits)

Thanks for watching! Love ya like Aphrodite
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