HAUNTED CUBA ROAD - at White Cemetery. A Cuba Road Real Haunting Story; The Apparition of Johnathan

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White Cemetery is located on Cuba Road, within the Cuba Township, in Barrington Illinois. It is said to be haunted. This is not surprising because Cuba Road has been notorious for ghost sighting. Other properties on Cuba share the dubious distinction of having experienced horror and paranormal occurrences of some kind or another.

The Cemetery's beginnings were simple and modest. Thomas White settled into Cuba Township in the year 1844. The land was used for burial for family plots and also by military travelers. The earliest known grave is dated 1847. Some of the earliest settlers that are buried at White include the Pomeroy, Rieke, Bennett and Kelsey families. It is also the resting place of many veterans. The earliest being Francis Kelsey, who served as a naval captain in the War of 1812.

When Cuba Township took ownership of the property in the year 1983, it was in a rundown state. The cemetery board has worked tirelessly over decades to bring it back to the beautiful cemetery which is now named “White Memorial Cemetery”.

It had, for a period of time, been the target of vandals. Especially when Halloween would roll around each year. But lately that has all been stifled by smart and alert policing security, along with the diligent help of neighbors who take pride in this historical place. It is beautiful and immaculate today.

The Angel face you see is the Haserot, named “The Angel of Death Victorious". The stoic angel is seated on the marble gravestone of canning entrepreneur Francis Haserot and his family. Holding an extinguished torch upside-down, it represents a symbol of life extinguished. Wings are outstretched and the gaze is straight ahead.

This channel is focused on casually walking and viewing a handful of the thousands of forgotten names and faces at various cemeteries near and afar. Seeing their faces up close. And when able, telling the stories behind their names.

Most graves are unknown and lost to history.
Some are famous.
And some infamous....
....and some with tragic endings.
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