HE GAVE US HIS CAR! Filipino Hospitality Is NEXT LEVEL

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We can't believe he just gave us his car to use! A man whom we have never met before. A man called Butch. A mystery offer through an email that turned out to be the real deal. This is why we are so moved by the hospitality of the Filipino people. It is NEXT LEVEL.

Something like this in the UK would be almost unheard of, and yet here during our time under lockdown on the island Siargao we have learnt so much about how amazing the people of the Philippines can be. There are many lessons to learn from the citizens of this country and we are so happy to be welcomed to start a life here among them.

We look forward to meeting Butch and his family in the near future when he is permitted to return to the island. :-)

This is the start of our story. Our 'New Normal' and new future. We are moving to the Philippines for a new start and this is day 22 of our Philippines Daily Vlog which will document what life is like for a British Family trying to work out life in this very exotic and beautiful country.

Our names are Jmayel, Sacha & Story. We traveled to Siargao island with Jmayel's mum & Story's grandma just before the Global pandemic that sent the whole planet into quarantine. We got stranded for over 3 months and fell in love with island life, now we want to make that life more permanent.

Follow us on this journey :-)

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Sacha, Jmayel, Story & Eden are a young Vegan family currently living in the Philippines. Creating a peaceful vlog about travel, family and life.

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