How this CEO Scaled his Family Business using Business Mentors + Leveraging Federal Procurement #96

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Peter Provenzano joins us to discuss the benefits of mentorship, and share how his mentor helped him on his journey of taking over the family business and growing it into what it is today.

Peter Provenzano is the President & CEO of SupplyCore, a leading supply chain integrator responsible for optimizing information, material, and financial flows for the U.S. military. Peter also founded MPOWR®, SupplyCore's social enterprise division that helps communities and businesses with strategy execution so they can come together, achieve outcomes and systems change.

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1:02 about Peter & his background
1:39 his journey as an entrepreneur
4:07 the benefits of having a mentor
5:27 how the business changed over time
6:46 on earning contracts
12:12 advice for young entrepreneurs
14:07 tips for businesses trying to bring in family members
16:52 how he managed the dynamics of the business vs. the dynamics of the family
18:42 developing the company strategy
21:34 building MPOWR®, a strategy execution software
25:04 building a math model for the sales process
28:03 the importance of music in his life
29:23 his very first business
31:33 where to learn more about Peter, MPOWR® & SupplyCore

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