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#Diamond #Coupon #Collection

1. After collecting 20 daily Diamond coupons, for every 90s you go LIVE, you will get 1 Diamond coupon.

2. Collect numerous amounts of Diamond coupons everyday by winning LIVE Battles!

4. Tap the battle button at the bottom of the LIVE room to choose your battle type

3. The coupon collection progress bar will revert to 0 at 00:00 everyday

Exchange Diamonds

1. 100 Diamond coupons = 1 Diamond

2. Diamond coupons will expire in 7 days after collection, remember to exchange them in time.

3. Exchange Diamonds when you've collected 500 Diamond coupons

Draw Prize

1. Getting new followers will get you more prize draw chances

New follower


Prize draw chances


2. Each users will get 1 prize draw chance when the event begins

3. New followers are calculated after you draw a prize

Request to become a Contract Liker

If you already have a certain amount of influence and you want to further grow your influence by hosting LIVE broadcasts, we have a Contract Liker Application Link available for you.


Have 100000 fans or more


Users who already have LIVE Broadcast permission can also apply to become a Contract Liker

Your Contract Liker application will be manual reviewed and processed. An official Likee staff will contact you once you've passed to talk with you in details about the contract.

Both parties have the right to terminate the contract negotiation at any time

Contract Liker status takes effect immediately after you've signed the contract and you will also be granted LIVE Broadcast permission

Official staffs will contact you regarding any materials you are required to provide for signing a contract with Likee if your application was successful

Please fulfill all requirements first


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