How to Make a Barbie Mega Miniature Doll House! Kitchen and swimming pool with light, Bedroom for ch

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Of course, Barbie is the most favorite toy for girls, and we spent hours playing this Queen of dolls, creating the whole world when we were it yourself
See how to make the biggest miniature house for a barbie doll. This is a chic miniature three-story doll house. In the doll house there is a kitchen, living room, study, bedroom for Barbie, a children's bedroom, a real pool with a jacuzzi and a chaise lounge I have long wanted to make a miniature house for dolls with my own hands, and my dream came true. This is not a kit, but there are many different Barbie doll sets in the miniature house. My friend, I hope you enjoyed this miniature house with a pool and a water slide.

5 DIY Miniature Doll House Rooms *NEW* Room ~ Rapunzel Room Decor, Backpack

DIY Miniature Dollhouse NEW Room ~ SWIMMING POOL, WATER SLIDE, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom

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