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Hi, everyone! My name is Riley. And I have so much guilt on my shoulders. I just thought that, maybe, if I shared my story, it will make me feel a little bit better. Most of the worst events in our life tend to happen by accident. Stupid accident. Little did I know that my innocent teenage prank would ruin my family forever.

You definitely wouldn't call us a perfect family from the very beginning. My father was always really rough and a very narrow-minded person. He has worked at a car service station for his whole life and it was clear that it was hard for him to manage our family, which was the reason for the constant bickering and arguments between my parents. My older brother Hunter had to deal with his school studies and help our father at the car service station at the same time. But he never complained about it. As for me, never-ending housework was my daily routine. We all tried to do our best, but my mom was never satisfied. I think she had always dreamt of a better life for herself. Anyway, despite all of this, we were a family. But then something happened.

My father left town for a couple of days because he had to get some new equipment and tools or something. He was so excited! He kept saying he had a big order, that was going to bring in a lot of money. His partner had a van, so it was one of those really rare times when my dad didn't use his own beloved car. And for the record, it was the most and only expensive thing we ever had in the family.

Hunter and I would've killed to take it for a ride! And now we finally had the chance! I begged him to go out for a drive, just a little one! It was so tempting, but Hunter insisted it was far too risky. So we agreed to not touch the car under any circumstances. But as you might've already guessed, I broke this promise.

Late at night, I texted my friends and suggested that we go have some real fun and it didn't take me long to convince them. I had thought it all over. Hunter had gone over to his girlfriend's house and my mom was sleeping soundly in her room. I stole the car keys and my friends and I quietly snuck it right out of the yard. We were like ninjas! Once we got far enough away, we just drove faster and faster. I felt like I was as free as a bird and then – boom! The car hit something in the dark and we lost control. When we finally managed to stop and catch our breath again, we realized that the car had been damaged. Really bad!

I was devastated and scared to death. What had I done? What would I tell my mother? I knew she would be furious. Not to mention my dad. What on Earth was I thinking?

We put the car back in the garage. Of course, my friends said they were really sorry and stuff, but I knew that there was no amount of regret that could help me now. I had nothing more to do but just sit next to the car and cry. Soon afterward, Hunter got back home and walked up on the scene. He was really mad at me at first, but he was never able to stay angry for a long time. He calmed me down and said: ""I will handle this. Don't worry."" He thought that the only way to save me was to try to fix the car at the service station before anybody could figure out what had happened. Dad wasn't going to come back until the following evening and there was not much time left. Hunter quickly got in the car and drove away.

I couldn't sleep a wink that night. I texted my brother like every five minutes, but he was really busy over there, of course, so he didn't reply to me.

Finally the morning came. And my brother still hadn't come back home. I was getting really worried. My mom didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary because she thought Hunter was still in bed. We were having our breakfast, when I heard police car sirens wailing somewhere far away. It was nothing special, but for some reason, my heart sank. And suddenly my mom got a phone call. She was listening to the person speaking for a few seconds and then fainted.

There was an accident at the car service station. It had completely burned to the ground. And my poor brother Hunter was there. They never managed to find out why or how it had happened. Was it a gas leak or had Hunter done something to cause the explosion? Anyway, I lost my brother and I was the only one to blame for his death.

Nothing really mattered anymore. Of course, I told my mom, dad, and the police the whole story right away. And my parents were not just furious or mad at me, they actually started to hate me, for real. Dad said he never wanted to see me again. He said I had killed Hunter and there was no forgiveness for me, ever.

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