Instrumental Peaceful Celtic and Soothing Music, Relaxing Music "Enchanted Waters" by Tim Janis

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Instrumental Peaceful Celtic and Soothing Music, Relaxing Music "Enchanted Waters" by Tim Janis. This video was created from music from my new CD Celtic Heart. Available on CD and online on all digital platforms.

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Music information:
Composer: Tim Janis© Copyright

From composer Tim Janis:
My instrumental music can help you find deep relaxation, relieve anxiety, and find peace. My music incorporates relaxing sounds of nature and features flute music, piano music, harp music, & violin music.

I am a composer from the coast of Maine and created this channel as a place to visit, relax and find peace. My music is often used for prayer, meditation, relaxation, and can be described as sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, spa music, beautiful music and relaxing music.

I read all of my comments and I love hearing from you. Please join our community and stop by to say hello! If you enjoy my music, please subscribe to my channel and join the community.

I am so happy to be with you here on my channel, please take a moment to say hello to me, and may angels be with you each moment.

Blessings & peace,
Tim Janis

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