[KPOP DANCE IN PUBLIC] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' | Dance cover by W-UNIT from VIET NAM

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'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight (Hey)
Shining through the city with a little funk and soul
So I'ma light it up like dynamite, woah-oh-oh
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남쥰 RM - Temm (IG: @_tem.em_)
진 Jin - Panda (IG: @dvl.pxnda)
슈가 Suga - Hanie (IG: @wunit_hanie)
제이홉 J-hope - Dom (IG: @hastobedom)
지민 Jimin - Yen (FB: Nguyễn Trường Yên)
뷔 V - Truong (IG: @truong.2109)
정국 Jungkook - Mon (IG: @mon.puhi)
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Hotline: 0378161461
Email: mon.sokulz@gmail.com
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