Las Vegas August 2020 - Luxor Mega Tour & Why They Shouldn't Close This Vegas Icon

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Come join us for a full #tour of #Luxor on the #Las #Vegas #Strip! This was filmed in August 2020! Recently there have been rumors about the possible closure and #demolition of this property!

While I don't necessarily think the rumors are 100% true, this hotel does struggle so I thought it was worth touring to show you why it's a true icon. From an iconic building to incredible theming, Luxor might just surprise you! I know by the end you'll have seen something at Luxor that you've never seen before!

Also stick around for the section in the hotel stairs! As you might expect they can't go straight up and down, but you'll have to watch to find out how cool that area is! And yes we'll ride the sideways elevators too!

I hope my passion and love for Vegas shines through. Thanks for watching, liking, subscribing, commenting and sharing!
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