LEGO SCP-939 VS SCP-087 VS SCP-131 VS SCP-3166 VS SCP-3008 VS SCP-035

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Today you are going to comment and decide which creation was built best. This video will feature SCP-939, SCP-087, SCP-131, SCP-3166, SCP-3008 and SCP-035. This is a special compilation video of all my SCP creatures I have built over the past couple months. If you want to build any of these just go down below and click on which one you would like to build. Thanks for watching!

Watch LEGO SCP-173 VS SCP-096 VS SCP-6789 VS SCP-999 VS SCP-001 VS SCP-106 VS SCP 682 VS SCP-049:

The Eye Pods SCP-131 LEGO:

The Gorefield SCP-3166:

The Stairwell SCP-087 LEGO:

The Infinite IKEA SCP-3008 LEGO:

The With Many Voices SCP-939 LEGO:

The Possessive Mask SCP-035 LEGO:

Siren Head T-Shirt:

Cartoon Cat T-Shirt:
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