LEGO Train Gym Fail

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This is my new LEGO animation. It is LEGO Train Gym Fail. I hope you like my LEGO stop motion animation. It took much time to make LEGO train fail movie. Don't miss my new LEGO train sets and LEGO gym fail in this movie. I hope you like it. I had a great time creating LEGO City animation. Do you like LEGO train gym fail? Please leave your feedback in the comments! As for me, LEGO gym fail movies are my favorites ones.

My channel is all about LEGO stop motion and LEGO city animation. Take a look around, watch some funny LEGO videos. If you like my movie, I can make more LEGO stop motion animation. Hope you like my new LEGO Train Gym Fail. If you enjoy LEGO stop motion 2021, make sure to subscribe to my channel right now. Creating LEGO stop motion movies is a hobby for me.
Created by MaxxusBricks.
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