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Warning —— Profanity may be included ... these videos are not suitable for anyone under 18 !!!

Credit for this reading .... SpeakLifeWhisperer

About Me
I am Mia and I am SpeakLife ... I am an Intuitive Empath & Tarot Reader .... with the help of my spirit guides and my ancestors I will bring you messages and guidance that may be able to help you ... I have been part of the spiritual world since I was a child ... for as long as I can remember ..... naturally as a child I was afraid ... after my adulthood I kinda turned away ... not for fear ... but for the simple notion of the responsibility that comes with being an Empath ... after becoming a mom .... a wife ... a divorced mom of 4 .... for 15 years I worked in the restaurant industry .... I was a waitress and a bartender ... loved n hated my job .... lol over the years I realized my purpose in life was to help people rise from undesirable and low vibrational places ... but very little ever really listened .... they liked my advice but never really practiced it lol .... as a Scorpio I have endured many transformations and here I am today feeling honored that I am able to share my knowledge and blessings with you .... I am finally ready to receive the universal gifts ..... thank you for joining me and being part of my journey in raising positive vibration

Spiritual journey
I have had many spiritual awakenings .... I don’t know if that’s bad or good .... I have been kissed by the dark angel .... twice ... and twice I have survived ... I hope to see you in my future videos when I decide it’s time to share these moments

Social Media
I don’t have a bunch of social media .... so join me here on YouTube and Instagram

YouTube channel @SpeakLifeWhisperer
Instagram page @SpeakLifeWhisperer

General Readings
Please keep in mind these are general readings and they will not resonate with everyone ... do not make any major decisions in your life over a general readings .... I do not do reversals in my readings because I clarify with multiple decks .... these videos are intended to help you look at options so you have the ability to go within yourself and decide what’s best for you ... never give all your power to a spiritual reader ! Learn to follow your own intuition.

Weekly Reading Schedule

Monday The Dark Truth

Tuesday Daily Guidance

Wednesday Where Are You ?

Thursday Daily Guidance

Friday A Quick Weekend Read

2 Bi-Monthly Readings for each sign !!!

Personal Readings
Readings are available for $60.00 for 40+cards and 2 oracles and they are done in the order they are received .... when you book your session I will let you know when to expect your reading .... also when payment is sent please state it’s a personal reading.

NOTE : The BEST way to BOOK a READING is Instagram messenger or text me directly !

I am not a professional in editing videos and I have started this business alone ... and there are things I still don’t know ... so naturally they will not be perfect videos .... readings and payments should be confirmed before sending

Email MiaMillion1027@gmail.com

Payments are listed
QuickPay with Zelle (201-912-9403)

Venmo User name Mia-Million-1

JUST keep in mind that if you don’t have CHASE BANK like I do .... payments will take 3 days to receive .... In return you will receive a deep reading to your phone by text or email .... it’s always nice to have a copy you can refer back too .... but in the near future I don’t know if I will be video readings .... if we keep it simple I can get readings back to you ASAP ... they are done in the order they are received .... I have space for 3 readings per day so book it today and get on the road to a better spiritual path !

If you would like to make a donation to the channel you may use the two payment method above n please state it’s a donation (201-912-9403)

These videos are not intended to be used in place of any medical or psychological issues .... they are for adults over 18 ... and are intended to help with spiritual awareness .... self growth and guidance ... and raise your vibrations!

All sales are final and non refundable !!!

Please like , comment , share and subscribe to my channel for regular updates .... it helps the channel grow and will help us grow together !❤️
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