Let's Face A Former Top 30 and Current Top 50 Legend Player! [Casual Champion RTA with Dr. Squirrel]

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[Epic Seven World Arena]
A Former Top 30 Player and Top 50 RTA Player In One Session!

Time for some more casual RTA. I've hit a bit of a wall due to by abysmal gear situation, but still enjoy RTA because it's the most exciting content in the game as far as I'm concerned.

Today, we have a number of matches, including a former Top 30 arena player based on his frame, and a current top 50 legend RTA player! Lots of fun, and I got to enjoy watching my Ruele get blasted by Knight S1s....shamefully. I really have to build my FKluri!!

More RTA videos coming, I have to do at least one match every three days after all!
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