MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE! $2,000 STIMULUS Checks! + Multi-Trillion Dollar Stimulus TIMELINE!

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Huge Stimulus Check Update: Third Stimulus Package Update! Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: "$2,000 Per Person!"

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MAJOR Points of Interest in the new Stimulus Package (American Rescue Plan) outlined by the Biden administration for stimulus checks and stimulus package!

Joe Biden's New Stimulus plan is in the 'multi-trillion dollar' range!

Multiple stimulus checks in the works. What will you do with the money? Bills? Invest? Save? Donate? Should we support massive debt?

Major Stimulus Check Update! $2,000 Stimulus check update! What are you doing with your stimulus money?

Mitch McConnell looks to be out as Senate Majority Leader, which opens things up for the $2,000 stimulus bill being discussed in Congress.

Biden wants $2,000 Stimulus checks. Every Stimulus check update makes that pretty clear now.

President Trumps signs the relief bill sending $600 checks to all qualifying individuals. All unemployment extensions and unemployment benefit boosts are all approved! FPUC is ready to roll. PPP money is back on the table for businesses. $2,000 Stimulus checks are still on the table. Many states are now starting to pay the $300 unemployment benefit boost starting this week.

$600 Stimulus Checks were sent out! Did you receive yours yet?

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