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Welcome! This is a General Love/ Romance, Intuitive, Tarot reading. You can watch this for anyone you have a romantic interest in, however, most messages from Spirit are geared towards relationships that have a history to them, i.e. Soul Mates, Soul connections, Twin Flames. 
 It's a timeless reading, so whenever you're drawn to watch this is when you were meant to hear the messages.
As always, take what resonates, and forget the rest. Readings are never gender specific, but I tend to channel as a Feminine, so please apply the pronouns that fit your situation. Always use your own good judgment when making decisions about your life.

⏳ Time Stamps ⏳

2-  36:33

3- 1:08:35

*** ???? For Personal Readings ???? ***

Your video recorded, personal reading will be sent straight to your email for your own private viewing. I specialize in Love Readings, but can do readings on other topics, as well, excluding health and legal readings.

- A 20 minute reading can cover up to two questions. You may purchase more than one 20 minute block as needed for your concerns. This reading is customized to your question(s) using Tarot and Oracle cards. 
Cost: $25    Add-on three Message from Your Person Cards for $10
  - A "Messages From Your Person" style reading is 25 minutes. This reading uses several message cards, as well as, Tarot and Oracle cards. You can add a question to this reading for an additional $10 per question. 
Cost $40
 * Add-on The Tarot of Sexual Magic Cards (Explicit- 18+ Only) to either of the above readings.
Add-on Cost $10

For more Reading options i.e. Emergency Readings, The Relationship Spread, Celtic Cross, please visit my website

- To order: First, Click here to pay:
*Please choose the Friends and Family option, also known as Send Without Protection and do not click the box for Goods and Services. You are paying for my time and energy, and this protects me from theft from those who didn't hear what they wanted to hear from the cards. Thank you.

Alternately, you can pay me through Venmo: go to and send payment using my email address

Then email me at ***(PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT 88 AFTER MY NAME OR THE EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE INCORRECT)*** to submit your question(s)and what type of reading you are ordering. All I need is a brief summary of your situation including first names, and sun signs if you know them.

*Please allow 5-7 business days after I receive your payment via Pay Pal to receive your reading. All sales final.

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Thank you for watching and best wishes on your journeys! : )

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. I, a.k.a the reader / The Oracle Dragon, cannot be held responsible for actions you take as a result of a reading you watched or ordered, whether publicly or privately. My advice to always make decisions about your own life based on your own good judgment and intuition, supercedes any and all other advice given or implied.
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