MESSY KEY King's Rest +19 Enhancement Shaman POV 8.3 | World of Warcraft | Waves

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This was a really messy key with some very bad wipes that could've easily been avoided. The amount of room of improvement there is shows that it doesn't stop at a 19 though! I hope you enjoy watching the video.
If you got any questions, feel free to post them below! :)

Traits: 3x Natural Harmony, 1x Ancestral Resonance, 1x Roiling Storm, 1x Thunderaan's Fury
Talents: Lightning Shield, Forceful Winds, Spirit Wolf, Hailstorm, Nature's Guardian, Sundering, Elemental Spirits
Essences: Major - Blood of the Enemy (rank 3), Minor - Conflict & Strife (rank 3), Minor - Breath of the Dying (rank 3), Minor - Essence of the Focusing Iris (rank 3)

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