Michael Oakley - Queen of Hearts

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One night I took myself
To the place where I came from
I walk unrecognised here
Where my mistakes go unknown
So I hailed a ride to lose it
Where the gamblers and thieves roam
I was scared as hell, then you walked right in
And laid me to the floor.

Saw you moving with the look of fire
A fire in me turned on
You raised me from the wreckage
And took me in your arms

Follow me
You can be what you want
Don’t matter where we end up
With the queen of hearts

Pull me to the open and let your worry fall
All the mistakes that you’re bearing
They make us who we are
And the echoes of commotion
Were drowned out by your words
When you’re facing the brink

You can salvage or sink
You’re the hand I was waiting for

Now I’m moving with the same desire
Your fire inside caught on
With the city as my witness
I took you in my arms

Follow me
You can be what you want
Don’t matter where we end up
With the queen of hearts

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Written and Produced by Michael Oakley
Lyrics by Michael Oakley & Ollie Wride
Vocal Melody by Ollie Wride
Guitar by John Kunkel (The New Division)
Backing vocals by Mecha Maiko & Ollie Wride

Mixed by Israel Medina & Michael Oakley
Mastered by Pete Maher

Single cover artwork by Arkuma Hiyomoto
Photography by Jon Simo

Pic Credit:
Demi Moore in the 80's (Rare Footage)
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