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Treyarch has revealed some details about the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map coming to the game, seemingly confirming the location, setting and when it will release!

1. As part of their build up to the release of new Season 1 DLLC content being added into the game Treyarch has revealed the first gameplay of the new mode coming to Zombies soon. This mode included a big change to the way players are able to get new weapons inside of a Zombies map, where the mystery box is replaced with a ‘loot crate’ style present that can reward you with a variety of items.

They also talked about some details of a new Zombies map that will be entering added to the game with Season 2. Where Treyarch confirmed that the new intel that was recently added into the map is directly linked to the location and second for the first DLC map. This all but confirms the some of the details of the map that were leaked beforehand. They also revealed that the release date for the new Zombies map will be at the start of the next season.

2. A possible new Easter Egg has been discovered that appears to share the same ‘reward’ effect as when completing the Giant Monster hand Easter Egg on the map. It’s not confirmed on how to do the steps to recreate this effect at this time.
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3. We now actually have the data to show that Treyarch is slowing down the rate of progression for solo players in a Zombies game. We also have answers to some of the Zombies community lingering questions on how best to level up quicklyin Cold War Zombies and what not to do as well!
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0:00 Major Changes In The DLC Mode
0:50 How Treyarch will Replace The Removal
1:40 Negative and Positive Effects From 'Loot Boxes'
2:10 New Map Changes To Die Maschine
2:40 New Clutch Score Streak Added Details
3:45 The Bad and Good of The Second New Mode
4:25 Treyarch Talks New Zombies Map Details
5:00 New Content Confirms Location of the New Zombies Map
5:20 Brand New Zombies Map Highlighted
6:10 New Easter Egg Effect Found!
7:00 Beam of Light Easter Egg
7:35 Treyarch Is Hurting Progression for Solo Players
8:35 You Do Not Earn Extra XP From These
9:00 Private Match VS Public Match
9:20 Melee Rewards 0 WXP
10:00 ATT's Reward XP for What?
10:30 Big XP Bonuses and Effect on WXP
11:15 Worst Case Ontario For New Modes

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